Our Story

Over the course of several years, Stéphane had been crafting homemade soaps in his cozy kitchen. One day, his partner Yousra ordered a lipstick online. As Stéphane observed the texture and ingredients of the lipstick, he couldn't help but be intrigued. He decided to investigate its composition further, hoping to uncover the secrets of a good quality lipstick.

Yousra, faced challenges finding makeup products that suited her skin tone and needs. Matte lipsticks on the market dried out her lips and failed to last long, and the available colors didn't complement her matte skin type. Witnessing her struggle, Stéphane felt compelled to develop a solution for her and other women facing similar issues.

After numerous trial-and-error attempts, Stéphane finally succeeded in creating a moisturizing lipstick with long-lasting hold. Yousra was delighted with the results and began using Stéphane's homemade lipsticks daily. Even more gratifying was the fact that she loved the lipstick so much that she asked for more to share with her mother and sisters, who also adored the products.

Not long after, fate brought Stéphane into contact with Rudi and his partner Swapna. Swapna, like Yousra, struggled to find cosmetics that truly resonated with her preferences and needs. It became evident that the cosmetics industry lacked diversity and failed to cater to the unique requirements of different skin types and tones.

It was during this serendipitous meeting that the idea of ​​"Bestiale makeup" was born. Together, Yousra, Swapna, Stéphane & Rudi, embarked on a journey to create a cosmetics brand that would celebrate and embrace every individual's uniqueness. They envisioned a brand that would cater to women of all skin types, backgrounds, and ethnicities, breaking the barriers of traditional beauty standards.

The name “Bestiale” was chosen with great intention. It represents a woman who fully embraced her identity, unapologetically herself, and radiated confidence in society. A “bestial” woman didn’t conform to societal norms but celebrated her true self. This empowering vision fueled their passion to bring the brand to life.

Rudi, with his strong background in sales and marketing, took charge of spreading the message of Bestiale makeup to the world. He believed in the brand's ethos and understood the importance of representation in the beauty industry.

Stéphane, focused on product development. His mission was to create cosmetics that addressed the specific needs of diverse skin types, using clean and eco-friendly compositions. With the support and input of Yousra and Swapna, he worked tirelessly to formulate a range of products that would cater to the unique beauty needs of all women.

Bestiale makeup became more than just a cosmetics brand; it became a movement that celebrated individuality and empowered women to be confident in their own skin. Stéphane, Rudi, Yousra, and Swapna worked tirelessly to expand their product line, ensuring that every woman found something that resonated with her unique beauty needs.

The brand's success allowed them to contribute to various environmental and social causes, further solidifying Bestiale makeup's commitment to making the world a better place.

And so, the story of Bestiale makeup continued, touching the lives of women worldwide, inspiring them to embrace their true selves and be proud of the skin they were in. Stéphane's passion for creating products that truly made a difference, coupled with Rudi's marketing expertise and the unwavering support of Yousra and Swapna, turned Bestiale makeup into a revolutionary force in the beauty industry. They showed the world that beauty was not confined to a narrow definition but was, in fact, diverse, inclusive, and empowering for all.